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6 UX Design Guidelines To Make Website Visitors Come Back

In this internet-savvy world, it is vital for every startup to invest their time and money in developing a perfect UX design for their website. A positive user experience has a significant impact on the users’ actions and opinions. Also, it helps your startup to get higher conversions, profits, and overall business success.

Modern tech startups are fueled by enthusiastic teams of geeks and programmers. It is mandatory for them to design the UX of their website in such a way so that to get maximum users and retain them in the long-term. For developing an intuitive UX, they hire an effective UI UX Design Agency who is an expert in customizing the interface and user experience of websites in accordance with the specific business requirements of the startups.

But as startup geeks are new to the technology world, they often make mistakes in precisely conveying their needs to the UX design team that they hired. In order to address this problem, let’s explore the top six UX rules that your tech startup need to master so that to produce designs that communicate value and keep customers happy.

1. Don’t Try To Reinvent The UX Design Completely

You might have a revolutionary idea of creating an innovative UX for your website, but it not necessarily mean that the design you come up with is automatically fit for purpose and impressive for the users. The sole motive of your UX should be the satisfaction of your end customers and hence provide them with something recognizable instead of something revolutionary.

You can experiment with your UX in case you have an incredibly compelling justification, adhere to existing UX standards. But there are very rare chances for such scenarios. Therefore, it is good to be creative but if it doesn’t impress your users than it can’t be part of the UX design process.

2. Make User Psychology As Your Top Priority

Marketers say that content is the king, but it’s not the real case. In reality, psychology is king. Content is just another way of affecting it. The finest UX developers are expert in understanding user psychology because they have done an extensive research on how and why users take particular actions.

Startups struggle when it comes to user psychology because they usually rely on only one type of end users and their perspectives. Modern users are very complex and vary in different ways. In order to overcome this challenge, you should do an extensive research with the help of your UX development team and come up with generic user personas that cover most of your target audience.

For instance, what will you do in a case where you have developed two personas and the persona 1 has a lot of disposable income, but persona 2 doesn’t, and they both are equally important for your design? The best approach to solve this issue is by finding a way to accommodate them both instead of just focusing on one of them. Otherwise, you will end up with a UX that ignores a large chunk of your users.

3. Keep It Simple & Effective

The best user experiences are streamlined, intuitive, and effective. But this can’t be achieved only by compressing images, avoiding unnecessary data entry, and using clear language. For streamlining the UX, you have to pay attention to every single element such as image, CTA, button, and paragraph while developing the first prototype — and ask “Is this really necessary?”.

In case you remove an element, does the end user miss on anything significant? Will they find it difficult to achieve their goal? Or will they like the site any less? If after finding the answers to all these questions, an element doesn’t justify its presence, you can easily scrap it. You have to understand that a simple and intuitive UX is easy to understand, demonstrate, run, and maintain.

4. Be Consistent In Whatever You Do

Some designs can be extremely confusing and irritating. They can have unclear contextual ideas and variable design elements that can frustrate users and push them away. Therefore, it is very important to make your UX design consistent across every aspect of your project.

You can get a good idea of how you can plan to design the layout of your website, by evaluating the themes for a standard website creator like Shopify. You can easily experiment with the colors and the fonts within the different pages of your site. But it’s not a good idea to modify the icons and basic navigation. Otherwise, your users will have to think and they will ultimately get lost.

Use your basic visual elements such as icons in a proper and consistent manner. This will make your website unique and appealing.

5. Keep Iterating Constantly

It is not possible for you to create an ideal UX in one single attempt. It takes time to go through all the stages. Initially, you have to come up with innovative ideas, prototyping them, and testing these prototypes so that to get the most appropriate one approved. But your task isn’t finished yet. In order to make your UX design better you have to keep repeating this process time and again.

The end users are the best source of honest feedback. Therefore, after launching your first version of UX, you should wait for the users to react. Use their valuable feedback to iterate the UX of your website so that to make it better in every manner.

6. Make Use Of Real Copy

Earlier, it was considered as a good idea to create layouts and populate them with fake text. But it is not beneficial because the text is a core component of UX. It has the capacity to steer users away from certain areas and direct them towards others. Also, it has a great effect on how the rest of the interface is perceived. If you will leave it until the last minute, you’ll certainly miss numerous opportunities to subject your real copy to real testing.

Iterating upon copy is equally important as iterating upon any other element of UX. Therefore, it is a good idea to provide your UX designers with some meaningful copy and get valuable feedback from the users on everything from the tone of voice to the clarity of your category names. It will definitely add value to the quality of your final product.

To conclude, developing an ideal UX can seem like a daunting task for a tech startup. But by following the above-mentioned six rules, you can easily create designs that are worthy and have the power to satisfy your end users.

6 UX Design Guidelines To Make Website Visitors Come Back

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